March Madness: Your Guide to Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

March 22, 2024

By Jack

As winter bids farewell and the first signs of spring emerge, it’s time to shift our focus to the
great outdoors. For homeowners eager to revive their lawns and embrace the beauty of the
upcoming season, Jack’s Lawn Care & Landscaping presents the ultimate guide to seasonal
lawn maintenance. With a few key steps, you can ensure your lawn is ready to flourish during
the vibrant months ahead.

Wake Up Your Lawn

March signals the end of winter dormancy for your lawn. Begin the revival process by thoroughly
raking away any remaining leaves, twigs, and debris that have accumulated over the winter
months. This not only cleans up your yard but also allows vital sunlight and air to reach the soil
surface, kickstarting the awakening process. Removing this layer of debris encourages the
grass to grow in a healthier, more vibrant manner, setting the stage for a lush lawn.

Soil Aeration

Following the cleanup, aeration becomes a crucial step for optimal lawn health. Utilize
specialized aeration tools or services to perforate the soil, creating small holes that allow air,
water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the roots. This process alleviates soil compaction
caused by foot traffic and natural settling, promoting robust root growth. A well-aerated lawn can
more effectively withstand the challenges of the upcoming seasons, including heat and drought.

Fertilize Strategically

With your lawn waking up, March provides an ideal timing for fertilization, replenishing essential
nutrients that were depleted during the winter. Opt for a balanced fertilizer tailored to your lawn’s
specific needs, ensuring it receives the right mix of nutrients without the risk of over-fertilization,
which can damage the grass. Personalized recommendations from Jack’s Lawn Care experts
can guide you in selecting the perfect fertilizer, ensuring your lawn gets the best possible start to
the season.

Weed Control

Early spring is also the time to take preemptive action against weeds. Applying a pre-emergent
herbicide now can prevent weed seeds from germinating, saving you from a battle against
unsightly weeds later on. This proactive approach keeps your lawn looking pristine and
minimizes the need for more aggressive weed removal as the season progresses.

Seeding and Overseeding

For areas of your lawn that look bare or thin, seeding or overseeding in March can make a
significant difference. The cooler temperatures of early spring are conducive to seed
germination, providing an excellent opportunity for new grass to establish itself before the heat
of summer. Choosing the right seed mix can repair those unsightly patches, resulting in a
uniformly lush lawn.

Mowing Matters

As your lawn begins to grow, proper mowing practices are essential. Start the season by
adjusting your mower to a higher setting, ensuring you’re only removing the top third of the
grass blades. This encourages stronger root development and helps prevent weeds by shading
out their seeds. Regular mowing, with adjustments to the cutting height as needed, keeps your
lawn looking tidy and healthy.

Irrigation Insights

With the arrival of warmer weather, your lawn’s need for water will increase. Begin monitoring
the soil moisture level and adjust your watering schedule to meet your lawn’s demands. Aim for
deep, infrequent watering sessions that encourage roots to grow deeper, enhancing your lawn’s
drought resilience. Efficient watering practices in the early season lay the groundwork for a lawn
that’s better equipped to handle the challenges of summer.

Mulch Magic

Finally, don’t overlook the benefits of mulching in March. Applying a fresh layer of mulch around
trees, shrubs, and in garden beds not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your landscape but
also helps retain soil moisture, suppresses weed growth, and stabilizes soil temperature. This
simple yet effective practice can protect your plants and reduce maintenance needs throughout
the growing season.
By following these essential steps from Jack’s Lawn Care & Landscaping, you can wake up
your lawn from its winter slumber and set the stage for a season of growth and beauty. March Madness
isn’t just for basketball—it’s the perfect time to jump-start your lawn care routine and
enjoy the rewards of a vibrant, healthy lawn.

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