Lawn Mowing Service FAQ’S

January 26, 2021

By Jack

Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to our lawn mowing service:

When does the mowing season begin? And when will it end?

The mowing season typically begins in the last month of March- the first week of April. This year, in 2021, we are expecting to start mowing full time on Monday, March, 29th. The end of the mowing season usually will end in late October- early November. Of course, this is weather-dependent. The warmer the weather, the later, the longer the mowing season will extend. On an average year, mowing customers can expect about 28-30 services per season.

How often will you be mowing my lawn?

I always recommend a weekly lawn mowing service. Not only for the aesthetics of the property but for the health of the turf. Simply put; mowing healthy turf often, encourages more growth. The more growth, the healthier the turf, the healthier the turf, the fewer the weeds. Whether you are a current customer, future client, or DIYer, for best results, mow every week!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. No contracts for lawn mowing service and this is how we bill: We provide service for you, and at the end of the month, you will receive an emailed invoice for the work provided. From here, you can pay online, or send a check. It is super easy, quick, and fair as can be.

What if it rains?

One of the most common questions. Here is how our mowing schedule works in regards to rain and weather delays. If we have a rain day, we simply push the schedule back one day. For example, if your lawn gets mowed every Wednesday, it will be pushed back to Thursday that week. We will use Saturdays to catch up if need be. When rain occurs, which it will, we do everything possible to deliver to our customers. As far as wet turf goes, our team of professionals will use their judgment to determine if a mowing service will do more harm than good. With that being said, our walk-behind and push mowers are relatively lightweight, and can still perform quality mowing without damaging the turf or leaving ruts.

What height will you be cutting my grass at?

In most cases, we are mowing cool-season turf, primarily Tall Fescue. For most of the year, we will be mowing at 4 inches. We do this for a few reasons. First, we never want to mow more than the top one-third of the grass. This prevents “scalping”, which can be a quick path to disease and burnout. Second, mowing at a taller height will allow the blades to provide shade, keeping it healthy and cool during the warm months. Simply put, mowing at 3.5-4″ is the ideal height for your Tall Fescue Lawn.

What exactly does each “Mowing Service” include?

Each mowing service will include lawn mowing, edging all sidewalks, curbs & beds, trimming anything the mower can not reach, and blowing off all hard surfaces, and beds. It is a company policy that at each service, a team member will blow off ALL hard surfaces, whether we left grass clippings or not. This means the porches, patios, decks, driveways, etc.

What kind of mowers do you use? And do you bag my lawn clippings?

We use commercial-grade walk-behind mowers. These mowers are lightweight & versatile, which is why we like them. They are quite powerful though, and provide a top-quality cut, especially being matched with our DAILY sharpened blades! For sensitive and tight areas we will use our commercial grade Honda push mower. We do not bag clippings. The nutrients in lawn clippings are beneficial to the soil. However, during the wet seasons like spring, if we need to double cut (mowing twice, in opposite directions), we will. This disperses any clumping and pulverizes the clippings. Bagging is not a common practice in our area.

Do I have to do anything before you guys come?

Other than making sure we have access to any gates, the short answer is “No”. We have trained our team to move any toys, furniture, hoses, etc. With that being said, it is greatly appreciated if you as the homeowner can work with us and make our crew’s job just a bit easier. In regards to dog droppings, we get it, it’s part of the job. But when it becomes too much, and a safety hazard to our crew, we will bring it to your attention. A little help when it comes to this goes a long way and is greatly appreciated!

Can I choose the day that you come to mow my lawn?

We always try to mow our client’s lawns the days they choose. However, our schedule generally is based on the location of your home, so we can not accommodate everybody when it comes to which day of the week their lawn gets mowed. We pride ourselves on our consistency in our mowing schedule. Once we assign a day for you, we strive to be there consistently, same day, every week, even around the same time of the day. We pride ourselves on this consistency, and I truly believe this sets us apart from other companies.

What if the lawn does not need to be mowed?

During the dry months, or during a drought, the lawn itself may not need to be mowed. Our team will use their judgment to see if mowing is necessary. Many of our clients insist on us coming either way, and if it does not need to be mowed, we will trim any long spots, or just blow off all the hard surfaces, and gather any possible debris in the yard. We will just make the property look better than it was before. It is encouraged that we have this understanding moving into the summer so our team can stay consistent with our schedule and continue to serve our customers at the highest level. We will skip your lawn upon request, but please keep our team and our schedule in mind.

How do you determine my price?

Our pricing comes down to the location of the property, the access to the property, and the overall square footage of the lawn. We do have a $35 minimum to provide a mowing service. A typical home in a subdivision is going to be paying about $40-$45 per service. On another important note, when requesting an estimate, we will be providing both a weekly price & a bi-weekly price, and here is why: Mowing every other week, everything takes longer. The grass may need to be double-cut, the trimming will be more, edging will take longer, even blowing takes more time. Our team will be less efficient and less comfortable at your property, the only service every other week.

Do you offer any other services besides mowing?

Yes! Mowing, all though the main focus, is just one of the quality services we offer. Click here to view our offered services in lawn care, landscaping, and home services!

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