Decorating For The Holidays With Fresh Greenery And Plants

December 9, 2022

By Jack

Living greenery can help your home come alive at the holidays. It provides scents, textures and sights that can awaken our senses and evoke joyful memories. Plant lovers and gardeners will enjoy this opportunity to get creative and revive their homes with beautiful, fresh greenery. Continue reading to see how decorating for the holidays with fresh greenery and plants can be done easily.


A classic holiday decoration, the wreath makes a perfect ornament for a door or a table centerpiece. Weave fresh greenery with pine cones, berries, dried flower heads, bows, and other festive embellishments. Use fresh plant materials for a beautiful and long-lasting wreath. Making your own wreath from fresh greenery will not only save you money, but give you a beautiful, unique decoration to enhance your home décor for the holidays.


Fir branches and pine will make for beautiful garlands for your porch columns or banisters. You can also hang them above window frames or on your mantelpiece. Weave in festive decorations such as lights, ribbons, or beads. These garlands are simple to make, but are sure to add holiday warmth and cheer to your home.

Evergreen Bundles

What is an Evergreen bundle? It is a lovely assortment of fresh cut greens, literally bundled together into a decorative arrangement that you easily place into a container or urn. They can be hung on doors or any spot that needs a touch of fresh greenery. Evergreen bundles can be tied together with holiday bows, berries, ornaments, and bells for a fabulous Christmas display.

Holiday Houseplants 

Decorating your home with holiday houseplants adds a fresh and beautiful vibrancy to your holiday decor. Poinsettias are a classic Christmas houseplant. You can line your hearth with bright poinsettias, or place them on your porch. Another festive holiday plant is the Christmas cactus. These cheerful, colorful succulents are sure to complement your holiday decorations. Other plants that can be used for holiday decor include amaryllis, white jasmine, bromeliads, peace lilies, and donkey’s tail.

Wrap potted plants with Festive Ribbons

You can also make existing house plants festive by wrapping them in ribbons or wrapping paper to dress them up for the holidays. These simple touches will help tie these potted plants in with the rest of your holiday décor.

Get Creative

Using plants and lights, you can make creative displays for the holidays. One example is to weave strands of lights through your potted plants, or incorporate votive glasses filled with twinkling lights or fresh cut greenery. For a fun, rustic look, spray paint soup or coffee cans black or gold. Place sprigs of greenery inside for a pop of color. Make homemade centerpieces with mason jars. Simply fill them with cut flowers, holly, or Christmas tree trimmings.

Decorating for the holidays with fresh greenery and plants doesn’t have to be difficult! If you follow these simple steps it will be a breeze. At Jack’s Lawn Care & Landscaping, we can help you keep your lawn looking fresh and well manicured during every season of the year. Contact us today to find out more.

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