Commercial Lawn Care & Landscaping

January 26, 2021

By Jack

We offer commercial lawn care and commercial landscaping in Charlottesville, Virginia.

If you are looking for a top-notch service to maintain your commercial property, look no further. I am going to tell you a little bit about what we can provide for you and why we may or may not be a great fit.

We do both commercial and residential lawn care and landscaping. And we treat all of our customers with the same care and attention to detail like the property is ours.

We currently provide maintenance service for multiple commercial properties in Charlottesville. The types of properties include; banks, restaurants, hotels, office parks, and even HOA neighborhoods. If the partnership is right, and the clients expect top-notch, high-quality service, it is a great fit. We stand behind our work and treat every property as if it’s our own.

Are you a commercial property owner or a local property manager looking for a company to provide lawn and landscape maintenance? If so, I’d like to list out some of the services that you may find in your 12-month package. For commercial contracts, we typically will list out these services in detail, add up the cost, and break it down into a 12-month package. Below is a sample:

Services Package:

  • Mowing (28 Visits)
  • Weed Control & Fertilization (6x per year)
  • Shrub Trimming (2x Per year)
  • Mulching (2X Per year)
  • Seasonal Color (Flower Install 3x Per Year)
  • Aeration & Overseeding (1x per year)
  • Leaf Removal (2x Per year)
  • Off-season site visits (Weekly during winter)

Total = $12,000 —–> Monthly Payment (12 Months)= $1,000/ Month

Of course, the services will be listed in far greater detail and can be edited based on the site, but these are the typical services you may find in a yearly package.

We conduct our commercial snow plowing & ice management contracts in a separate contract. The reason being, we charge this service at a different rate, and the terms change due to the service. We have some commercial clients that we only provide snow plowing and ice management for.

I hope this quick post helps, if you are a commercial property owner or manager looking to hire a quality maintenance company, give us a call and let’s make it happen!

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